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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Olympic Hockey News & Other Required Reading

Horizons are being broadened here at The Road to Khabarovsk, and they are being broadened in the direction of the upcoming Winter Olympics.  I am very pleased, and honoured, to have been asked to contribute some material to Olympic Hockey News, a brand-new blog being run by Fang Finger, proprietor of Fang Faction.  I'll be paying close attention to the Russians, obviously, but will also be doing some writing on Olympic history, the first dose of which is already up!  Blogging will continue here as per normal.

I have also added a couple of interesting blogs to the "Reading" list on the left in the last little while.  I would invite you to check out all the sites listed there, but would like to draw your attention particularly to two of the non-English pages that have been recent additions.  ARGOSOV Hockey Blog, in Croatian, provides KHL commentary along with very interesting historical pieces about Soviet hockey.  And Domenica Aus Den Weiden, in German, has all kind of interesting things including live blogs of KHL matches!  Do check both sites out, and don't worry if you are not fluent in Croatian or German - Google Translate, judiciously used, is your friend!

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